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DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI…  A Global Threat (BYO Records), A Life Once LostA Wilhelm Scream (Nitro Records), Against Me! (Sire Records), Agent Orange (Orange County surf-punk), the Aquabats (Superheroes of ska), Army of Freshmen (Ventura, CA), Art Adams (Rockabilly Hall of Fame), Atmosphere (Rhymesayers), Austin Lucas (Bloomington native), Avail (Fat Wreck Chords), Bagheera (Asian Man Records), Bang Camaro  (from Guitar Hero), the Banner  (Ferret Records), the Beautys (Cheetah’s Records), Bella Morte (Metropolis Records), Ben Nichols (of Lucero), Big Collapse (the Militia Group), Bishop Allen (Brooklyn, NY), Blueprint (Rhymesayers), Bomb the Music Industry!Brandtson (Deep Elm Records), Brazil (Fearless Records), Breather Resist (Jade Tree Records), C-Rayz Walz (Def Jux), the Cab  (Fueled By Ramen), the Casualties (NYC hardcore punk rock), Chris WebbyChuck Ragan (of Hot Water Music), Cloak/Dagger  (Jade Tree Records), Close Your Eyes  (Victory Records), Colour Revolt  (Dualtone Records), Count the Stars (Victory Records), Cursive (Saddle Creek Records), Damien Jurado (Sub Pop / Secretly Canadian), Dan DeaconDavid Dondero  (GhostMeat > Team Love Records), Deerhoof  (Kill Rock Stars), Deerhunter, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dog Fashion Disco (Spitfire Records), Dosh (Anticon), Driver Side Impact  (Victory Records), Dub Narcotic Sound System (K Records), Electric Six  (Metropolis Records), El Guapo (Dischord Records), Elliott (Initial / Revelation Records), Endicott (Equal Vision), the Epoxies (Fat Wreck Chords), Eyedea & Abilities (Rhymesayers), the Eyeliners (Blackheart Records), Fastball  (platinum-selling artists), Fishbone (Godfathers of ska, hip-hop, and funk), Flatfoot 56 (Chicago Celtic punk), the Gadjits (Hellcat > Thick Records), Genghis Tron, the Gerbils (Orange Twin), Ghost Mice  (Plan It X Records), Gore Gore Girls (Detroit, MI), Grand Buffet (Lord Grunge & Grape-A-Don), Grayskul (Rhymesayers), Gwen Stacy  (Ferret Music), Hangar 18 (Def Jux), Harry and the Potters  (wizard rock), Haste The Day (Solid State Records), Hawthorne Heights (Victory Records > Wind-Up Records), the Honor System (Asian Man Records), Hot Water Music (Epitaph Records), the Hottness  (Ferret Records), Icy Demons (members of Man Man), Impending Doom  (Facedown Records), I Set My Friends on Fire  (Epitaph), Islands (ex. The Unicorns), Joe Jack Talcum (of The Dead Milkmen), Johnny Socko (Hometown heroes), Jucifer  (Relapse Records), Kimya Dawson (K Records), Karate High School  (Eyeball Records), King Django (Stubborn / Hellcat Records), Kiss Kiss (Eyeball Records), Latterman (NY), the Lawrence Arms (Fat Wreck Chords), Left Alone  (Hellcat Records), Let’s Go Bowling (Asian Man Records), Les Georges Leningrad (Montreal, Canada), Liarsthe Life & Times (DeSoto Records), Lightning Bolt (Load Records), Low (Chair Kickers Music), Lucero (Memphis, TN Southern Rock), Lucky Boys Confusion (Chicago, IL), Mac Lethal (Black Clover), Madeline (Plan-It-X Records), Mae (Capitol Records), Mark Eitzel (Matador Records), Mason ProperMath the Band  (Unlimited Enthusiasm), Matt and Kim  (iheartcomix), Matt WertzMaureen “Moe” Tucker (Drummer of the Velvet Underground), mc chris (from Adult Swim), Melt Banana (Tokyo, Japan), the Methadones (Thick Records), Milemarker (Jade Tree Records), Modest Mouse (Epic), moe.Mong Hang (Japan), Motion City Soundtrack (Epitaph Records), MU330 (Asian Man Records), Murder By Death (Bloomington natives), Mustard Plug  (Hopeless Records), Neil Hamburger (America’s Funnyman), Neil Innes  (from The Rutles), Neutral Milk Hotel (Orange Twin), No AgeNo Trigger  (Nitro Records), O’Death (Gothic country punk), Olivia Tremor Control (Orange Twin), Only Crime (Fat Wreck Chords), Operation: Cliff Clavin (Hometown heros), Osker (Epitaph Records), Our Last Night  (Epitaph), Pansy Division (Lookout! Records), Pedestrian (Anticon), Pelican (Chicago experimental metal), the Phenomenauts (Sci-fi surf rock from San Fran), Pleaseeasaur  (Comedy Central records), the Plus Ones (Asian Man Records), P.O.S. (Rhymesayers), Prayers For Atheists  (Strange Famous Records), Prolyphic  (Strange Famous Records), the Queers (Lookout! Records), Racebannon  (Hometown Hardcore), Rapider Than Horsepower (Secretly Canadian), Rasputina (female hardcore cello trio), the Riptides (Ottowa, Canada), River City Rebels (Victory Records), A Rocket to the Moon  (Fueled By Ramen), Roses are Red (Trustkill), Sage Francis (Epitaph Records), Scary Kids Scaring Kids (RCA / Immortal Records), Scatter the Ashes (Epitaph), Schatzi (Mammoth Records), Shai Hulud  (Metal Blade Records), the Slackers (Hellcat Records), Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumSloppy Seconds (Indianapolis punk rock gods), Small Brown Bike (No Idea Records), Smoke or Fire (Fat Wreck Chords), Sole (Anticon), Sol.iLLaquists of Sound (Nonsense Records), Some Girls (featuring Juliana Hatfield), Songs: Ohia (Secretly Canadian Records), Soul Position (Rhymesayers), the Soviettes (Fat Wreck Chords), the Stepford Five (Columbus, OH), Strike Anywhere  (Fat Wreck Chords), Swearing at Motorists (Secretly Canadian Records), Teen Idols (Honest Don’s Records), the Thermals  (Kill Rock Stars), This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb3 (Plant Noise Records), Tim Barry (of Avail), Time Again (Hellcat Records), the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza  (Black Market Activities), Totally Michael  (totally from Bloomington), Tub Ring (Chicago, IL), Two Gallants (San Francisco, CA), the Two Man Gentlemen Band  (NYC’s best-dressed two-man band), Uncle Monsterface  (sock puppet rock), the Unicorns (R.I.P.), the Unseen (Hellcat Records), Vanna  (Epitaph), Voodoo Glow Skulls (Victory Records), William Elliot Whitmore (Southern Records), Westbound Train (Hellcat Records), Whole Wheat Bread  (dirty south punk rock), Why? (Anticon), xbxrxXiu Xiu (Kill Rock Stars)


The Rhinos house audio system is a 24 channel, stereo biamplified system with approximately 9,000 Watts rated FOH output at 98dB 1w/1m sensitivity. It provides 4 monitor mixes, with 2 wedges/mix at front of stage, and 1+sub at drum position. 31 band graphics and system limiters are in place on FOH and all mixes.


Allen & Heath GL2400 mixing console
Alto CLE 8.0 8 ch compressor, typically inserted into subgroups
alesis eq-230 in sidechain of ch 1&2 of CLE 8.0 as frequency consciousness
2x Altogate 4 ch freq conscious expander/gate, available as channel inserts

EFFECTS, driven by console ‘B-mix’, returned to aux returns:
TCElectronic M-1
TCElectronic D-2


Console Aux 1-4 > 2x Alto EQ231LED > Alto CLE4.0(in amp rack) > 2x Crown CE1000 >
7 Cerwin-Vega PSX-122 + 1 Peavey Bandpass sub


8x Flown FR + 4x Stage-imbedded Subs
Console L&R > Behringer UltraDyne Pro > Behringer GEQ-3101 > Alto Altodrive 2.4(in amp rack)
FR, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 4x Cerwin-Vega PSX-153
Sub, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 2x Custom folded horn 18″, co-incident exit

24 ch stage snake, typcally 25-30x 25′ XLR cables available